Detroit Reporter Confronts House Squatter, and Brings a Friend for a Shocking Visit…

Detroit Reporter Confronts House Squatter, and Brings a Friend for a Shocking Visit…

Squatting is a horrible thing to do, and it’s ridiculous that a homeowner could be put in the position where they legally can’t kick someone out of their own home who has no right to be there. Sarah Hamilton had this very issue arise, and she had someone confront the squatter, with some pretty great results.


Sarah Hamilton owns a home in Detroit and was planning to sell it. That is, until she ran into a problem: Lynn Williams, a squatter, had moved into the home. Sarah says she’s been threatened with a knife and the police were even called on her after an altercation. Lynn says Sarah tried running her down with a car.

Later that night, Sarah was cuffed. As she was booked in, Lynn moved back in to the home.

Charlie LeDuff got to work. After getting permission, and the keys, from Sarah, he planned to move in himself. But not without the cops’ knowledge first.

LeDuff was not armed and Lynn Williams, known in the penal system as Arthur Williams, is on probation for a felony assault conviction.

Check out what happens when he tried to get in wearing his bathrobe and carrying the deed to the house, and Lynn’s reason for why she’s squatting and refusing to pack up and move out by clicking play above.

It’s infuriating that there are people out there like this lowlife, who think they’re entitled to another person’s house just because they feel like moving in. This one got arrested, but what about other homeowners trying to get rid of squatters? The legal system needs to do more to help get rid of this problem.

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