DISGRACEFUL VIDEO: Berkeley students give middle finger to U.S. flag, praise ISIS flag [VIDEO]

DISGRACEFUL VIDEO: Berkeley students give middle finger to U.S. flag, praise ISIS flag [VIDEO]

A documentary film maker with a history of visiting college campuses with simple questions has now switched to an even more basic display: Waving the American flag.

Ami Horowitz took his flag to the campus of UC Berkeley with a camera man and took film and audio records of the people who passed him by and approached him to argue about the symbol he was waving. His simple introduction to the video states that he was conducting a “little social experiment.” Throughout the video, Horowitz is shown with the flag saying things like “I love America” and “This country stands for freedom,” inviting students to respond when he said “Greatest country in the world, right?”

But, this is Berkeley.

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“Of course not, it’s the complete opposite,” said one student who thinks America is even below Saudi Arabia and Eritrea in terms of livability. Another one declares that America is the “one imperial power in the world right now.” The usual response to American imperialism is that the only thing they’re exporting throughout the world is Hollywood entertainment and McDonald’s hamburgers, which is a much softer form of imperialism than sending out troops to occupy every country that will sell you a Big Mac.

An older man, who looks like a painfully hippie teacher, stood in front of Horowitz with his hands on his hips to argue that the flag “signifies military rules.”

Going further straight into outright offensive to billions of people, a student says that “God is not proud of us” while another yells “God f**k this country.” A third cuts straight to the point, saying “F**k America.”

Hey, if the place is that bad, maybe move to North Korea or Zimbabwe.

Another decides to point out Horowitz’s ethnic and religious background saying, “I seen you walking around here with your little Star of David, you s**t head.”

Horowitz, after being yelled at by one student in particular about how his flag “sucks” decided to switch it up and start toting an ISIS flag.

You’ll have to watch the video below to see the reaction, but it’s predictably terrible.

Last year, Ami Horowitz was sent by radio show host Wayne Dupree to speak to both “liberal elites” and Harlem residents. The Harlem pedestrians agreed that they did indeed have state ID, while expressing their shock that the previously interviewed “liberal elites” implied that the poor black people didn’t even know how to use the Internet and that they didn’t know how to get to the DMV.

The year before that, Horowtiz visited Yale where he filmed students signing a petition to get rid of the first amendment.

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