Gaza “Flotilla of Fools” is Stymied by World Disapproval But Refuses to Quit

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The American and European leisure-class ‘useful idiots’ of Hamas have failed in their 2011 “mission” to discredit Israel with a flotilla run against the Gaza blockade. They are desperate to recapture some purpose for their hypocritical protest and look all the more foolish for trying.:  It’s so ridiculous, even the New York Times has turned on them.

Update: reports Hamas blew up the natural gas pipeline from Egypt to Israel (for the 3rd time) because of the failure of the flotillas. Hamas is a Gaza terrorist organization. So why is a terrorist group blowing up things in behalf of the “peaceful” flotilla? > crickets chirp <

The “Freedom Flotilla 2” and the Israel-hating, America-bashing passengers have no reason whatsoever to be going to Gaza: The head of the United Nations doesn’t want them to go to Gaza, Turkey’s boats have dropped out of the flotilla, France has closed its ports to the flotilla,the Red Cross has said there is NO humanitarian crisis in in Gaza, no one is starving, a brand new multi-million dollar luxury mall has just opened, and a new water park…and on and on. [read where I debunk all the Gaza “myths” of the leftists and terrorists who are involved in this flotilla.]

Frustrated Canadian flotilla fools

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Facts don’t matter. These loser lefties only want to discredit Israel and work closely with the terrorist group Hamas in doing so. They are carrying chemical weapons to use against IDF soldiers. They could go to Syria to help truly oppressed people who are being killed by the president’s troops, but they KNOW they would get killed there.

The government of Greece, G-d bless ‘em, has refused to let the flotilla boat-loads of fools to leave the Greek ports for Gaza for several days.

Here’s what happened to the American boat, ”Audacity of Hope,” which has twits like Medea Benjamin of Code Pink aboard. The following is a flotilla video. Listen to their ridiculous begging and whining on their bullhorns when the Greek Navy pulls aside them, with armed soldiers.

Elder of Ziyon: “Freedom Flotilla — look closer”

Showing what hypocrites they are, the flotillanauts have refused Greece’s offer to deliver any humanitarian aid on the ships through the “appropriate manner” to Gaza. The United Nations chief, Ban Ki Moon, wanted them to accept this, but they didn’t. Why? Because they don’t HAVE any aid aboard. Gaza doesn’t need any. The flotilla is for nothing but provoking an attack by Israel, but it’s not going to happen because these losers aren’t even being allowed to lift anchor. Pathetic.

We find out that cash-strapped Greece has an ulterior motive for helping Israel, but that’s okay. It’s a VERY GOOD REASON. They will be involved in Israel’s new natural gas business. Good for them!

Meanwhile, Israel Matzav reports a Canadian flotilla boat has now made a futile attempt to bust out of Greece:

“The Greek Coast Guard has stopped a Canadian boat that attempted to depart for Gaza from the island of Crete without permission. According to the Twitter feed of the useful idiots who are part of the flotilla, the boat was towed back to a different port than the one from which it departed. There is now one tweet claiming that the boat sustained damage when it was slammed against a wall. There is more detail about that claim here. Heh.”

Christopher Hitchens is one of the few asking hard questions in Slate:

The tale of the Gaza “flotilla” seems set to become a regular summer feature, bobbing along happily on the inside pages with an occasional update….

However, given the luxury of time, might it not be possible to ask the “activists” on board just a few questions? (Activist is a good neutral word, isn’t it, with largely positive connotations?) Most of the speculation so far has been to do with methods and intentions, allowing for many avowals about peaceful tactics and so forth, but this is soft-centered coverage. I would like to know a little more about the political ambitions and implications of the enterprise.

Only a few weeks ago, the Hamas regime in Gaza became the only governing authority in the world–by my count–to express outrage and sympathy at the death of Osama Bin Laden. As the wavelets lap in the Greek harbors, and the sunshine beats down, doesn’t any journalist want to know whether the “activists” have discussed this element in their partners’ world outlook? Does Alice Walker seriously have no comment?

Hamas is listed by various governments and international organizations as a terrorist group. I don’t mind conceding that that particular word has been used in arbitrary ways in the past. But what concerns me much more is the official programmatic adoption, by Hamas, of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This disgusting fabrication is a key foundational document of 20th-century racism and totalitarianism, indelibly linked to the Hitler regime in theory and practice. It seems extraordinary to me that any “activist” claiming allegiance to human rights could cooperate at any level with the propagation of such evil material. But I have never seen any of them invited to comment on this matter, either.

The little boats cannot make much difference to the welfare of Gaza either way, since the materials being shipped are in such negligible quantity. The chief significance of the enterprise is therefore symbolic. And the symbolism, when examined even cursorily, doesn’t seem too adorable. The intended beneficiary of the stunt is a ruling group with close ties to two of the most retrograde dictatorships in the Middle East, each of which has recently been up to its elbows in the blood of its own civilians. The same group also manages to maintain warm relations with, or at the very least to make cordial remarks about, both Hezbollah and al-Qaida. Meanwhile, a document that was once accurately described as a “warrant for genocide” forms part of the declared political platform of the aforesaid group. There is something about this that fails to pass a smell test. I wonder if any reporter on the scene will now take me up on this.”

Read the whole thing. Hat tip: Elder of Ziyon

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