GRAPHIC: Watch Her Squeeze This MASSIVE Zit… Wow! [VIDEO]

GRAPHIC: Watch Her Squeeze This MASSIVE Zit… Wow! [VIDEO]

Another incredible video from Dr. Pimple Popper hit YouTube last week! This time, the patient went to Dr. Sandra Lee because another doctor told her that she was going to end up with a big scar. But no one can pop the pimples like Dr. Pimple Popper can! And this one was another crowd-pleaser.


This time, the patient had an epidermoid cyst. It’s a benign growth that can appear anywhere on the body and they’re typically harmless. Macerated skin cells get trapped and create a cheesy consistency when the cyst is removed. Sometimes, they can get infected or can rupture and the cyst can return if it isn’t completely removed.

Fortunately, this patient went to the best in cyst removal she could find.

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This was another popular video with Dr. Pimple Popper’s fans:

Am I the only one who loves that hole punching tool? It gives me such satisfaction

A punch and a curette! Heaven.

And isn’t it amazing how she can tell she’s missed a teeny, tiny bit even though she can’t immediately see where? It’s like Zen and the art of the cyst. Lol.

That cyst looked so pretty! Like a pearl in the middle of her chest

That was a great close up… It will be awesome when we can watch these with virtual reality goggles!! Sandra….you should come up with a Dr Pimple Popper Virtual Reality video game!! Hell Yeah

This woman said that she had her cyst since around 2005. It must have been a big relief to finally have it removed!

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