HAPPY TEARS! Baby Reacts As Hearing Aids Turn On And She Hears Her Mom!

HAPPY TEARS! Baby Reacts As Hearing Aids Turn On And She Hears Her Mom!

If you need a little happy to jump-start your weekend, we’ve got your back.

Five-month-old Corlena Cloyd was born with profound hearing loss in both ears. On Tuesday, she received hearing aids, and her reaction will absolutely melt your heart.


From The Daily Mail:

The holidays came early for a five-month-old baby girl and her family when she was given hearing aids that allowed her to experience sound for the first time.

A smiling and laughing Corlena Clloyd seems absolutely overjoyed with the sensation.

When her grandmother makes popping noises with her mouth, Corlena turns and looks at her in shock and then screams with utter joy.

She also stares in amazement as a woman claps.

‘You like clapping?’ her delighted mom asks.

Kalonda shared the emotional video on Facebook, and it’s received over 1,000 views already.

She wrote, ‘Thankful this morning for life, family and this bundle of joy. She received her hearing aids for the first time yesterday and the joy on her face!’

‘Wow, she was shocked that’s so amazing,’ commented one friend.

One thing mom wasn’t expecting though – she had thought that with Corlena able to hear herself for the first time, her voice might get quieter – but no such luck.

‘And we thought receiving her hearing aids she will be a little bit quieter. She said y’all thought wrong. ..lol,’ the mom laughed on Facebook.

She explained that Corlena, who lives in St. Louis, Missouri, was born full term and otherwise healthy but failed her first hearing tests at the hospital.

Watch the video below:

I hope your holidays are as good as this little baby’s.

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