‘I’m gonna die!’ Man cheats death by laying on tracks as freight train passes over… and then quickly crawls out to escape between moving wheels [Video]

This is suicidally stupid. He’s being called an American daredevil – more like an American moron. How the heck did he manage to wind up under the train, unless he did it on purpose? Is death so thrilling a prospect, that you’ve just got to tempt it while having your bud film your dismemberment? He throws out his backpack between the wheels arriving. Then timing it, he crawls out inbetween wheels slicing by. Luck loves idiots evidently.

An American man is trapped underneath a moving freight train in this
viral video first posted in 2012.

From the Daily Mail:

It’s one thing to find yourself under a moving freight train, but a whole other one to attempt to slide out between the wheels in a move that without precision timing could see you sliced in half.

This is precisely what happened with an American man in this viral video, which was filmed by his so called friend on a smartphone in 2012 and has recently resurfaced on social media.

Online commenters have argued the bold decision was made due to the prospect of a ‘cow catcher’ – a device to remove unwanted debris or animals from the tracks – coming at the end of the train. Others question his lack of patience but either way, it was a death defying incident.

‘You’re f***ed,’ the cameraman says bluntly to the striken man.

‘I know I’m gonna die,’ he responds while ensuring he keeps low beneath the passing carriages.

‘I f***ing imagine you’re going to die you’re underneath the f***ing train,’ comes his ‘friend’ in reply.

More less than articulate consultation follows before it’s suggested he has time to get out from between the wheels.

First comes his backpack. ‘Chuck it to me, now now.’

The man then waits for a gap in the wheels of the train, choosing one and then retreating, before committing to the move and narrowly making it before the potentially knife-like wheels sped by.

The most recent posters of the video, JukinVideo, say the man was ‘train hopping on a trip around the country’ before being ‘dragged a few feet before getting stuck on the track’. However, that explanation doesn’t tell us how his mate came to be track side filming his escape.

A later post says the pair were taking a short cut across train tracks after a fishing trip.

Whatever the circumstances, this is definitely not something to try at home.

I think the collective IQ of these two is about 25. That may be overly generous. The online commenters get the ‘cow catcher’ thing wrong… that’s on the front of the train. But if he had twitched the wrong way, he could have easily been killed from above. This was definitely death defying, although the two friends went back and forth like it was no biggie. I’m embarrassed this was an American, but it figures. Progressive mentality has leached all the brains out of these people – they are so bored with nothing to challenge them, that they’ll do anything for kicks. This guy needs to stay away from train tracks before he becomes human roadkill. I hate a bloody mess.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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