Just in Time – Bodycam Captures Dramatic Moment Infant Is Pulled From Wreck

Just in Time – Bodycam Captures Dramatic Moment Infant Is Pulled From Wreck

Dramatic video footage was just released of the body cam worn while baby Lily was rescued from the Spanish Fork River in Utah. Yu will have to see it to believe it! IJR reports:


On March 8, four Utah police officers rescued a baby girl from a car that had flipped over into Spanish Fork River, near Salt Lake City.

The officers reported hearing a voice crying out for help, but once they got a clear look inside the vehicle, they discovered the mother was deceased. In the rear of the vehicle they found an 18-month-old girl suspended above the icy water. She was unresponsive.

Newly released body cam footage shows the dramatic rescue (although the sound of a voice calling for help that officers reported hearing was not captured).

The officer’s body cam shows the quick response to the overturned car, as well as the officers’ frantic struggle to right the car.

As soon as she’s found, toddler Lily Groesbeck is handed off and rushed to a waiting ambulance, where CPR is performed. The urgency in everyone’s voices illustrates their desire to help the accident victim.

Amazing footage of how they saved this baby girl’s life. If she had been there much longer, its quite likely that she would not have made it. Instead, we have this phot9o, taken just 4 days after the incident:


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