Liberals are going to be OUTRAGED at this new Kia ad — WATCH! [VIDEO]

Liberals are going to be OUTRAGED at this new Kia ad — WATCH! [VIDEO]

The absolute wimpification of our children is going too far, and I can tell you, as a parent, I have had enough. I couldn’t agree with Kia more. If you lose, you lose. Suck it up, buttercup – life doesn’t revolve around your spoiled and pampered little bum:


It is often said that art imitates life –- and assuming for a moment that television commercials do count as art – here’s a great example.

Remember when Steelers linebacker James Harrison made headlines for his social media post saying he’d be giving back the “participation trophies” awarded to his sons?

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He struck a nerve, and apparently Kia hopes it will strike gold.

A new ad for the Kia Sorrento, which ran during NBC’s Sunday Night Football, takes up Harrison’s theme and does a fine job of mirroring how a lot of Americans feel about the whole idea of “participation trophies.”

In this case, a dad picks up his son from the game and wonders why his son’s team got a “participation” trophy even though they were undefeated. In the end, he rips off the trophy tag and writes in “CHAMPS.”

Good for him. I hope his son appreciates his father and helps stop the feel-good, wimpy culture of ‘everyone wins’ in his generation. Good for you, Dad. That’s some solid parenting.

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