LOL! Girl Thinks She Can Read Her Dog’s Mind After Having Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

LOL! Girl Thinks She Can Read Her Dog’s Mind After Having Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

The best part of getting your wisdom teeth removed is the drugs you get afterwards… or is it? They can make for some hilariously entertaining reactions, as evidenced by by this teen who thought she could read her dog’s mind.

reading dogs mind

It seems that these days, every time a teenager gets his or her wisdom teeth removed, a parent is there to document the after effects of the anesthesia for all of the internet to see — and, unsurprisingly, the internet couldn’t be more grateful for it.

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In this case, it was Des Moines, Iowa, resident Tanya Daniels who had the camera rolling when her 19-year-old daughter Hannah Ginsberg got out of oral surgery, and she was certainly in for a treat.

Woozy from medication, Hannah tried (and failed) to pass her own sobriety test, proclaimed that she was ‘dead for 25 minutes’, and informed her mom that she was able to read their dog’s mind.

In a video that her mom shared on Facebook, Hannah, a Lake Forest College student, is first seen being helped into the car by a nurse when her mother asks her how she’s feeling.

Through a mouth filled with gauze, she slurs: ‘I feel fantastic.’

The nurse chimes in, telling Tanya: ‘She’s gonna be a little goofy today, just for a couple hours.’

… After a moment, Tanya swings the camera to reveal that Hannah is staring at one of the dogs — and it’s not a lost look on her face, but one of fascination.

‘I just read Arthur’s mind,’ she tells her mom with wonder. ‘He wants a biscuit with some gravy,’ she goes on before pausing to concentrate again.

‘And he has to poo,’ she adds plainly.

Then, seemingly unconcerned with her newly-discovered powers, she begins to talk about her condition again, managing to remind her mom that she’s ‘incapacitated’.

‘My lips are not there!’ she says with worry. ‘I don’t like how swollen my roof my mouth is. I taste blood. Redrum. Redum.’

Thankfully, Hannah assured the world that her mother got her permission before posting the funny videos first. As Hannah said herself, why deprive the world of the opportunity to laugh a little?

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