Man Flies 8,000 Feet in the Air with Balloons… But The Best Part Is His Sky Dive While Holding His Shotgun [Video]

My son will love this. He loves to sky dive. Me, not so much. Don’t care for heights. But this is fantastic! This guy straps himself to a rickety, old lawn chair with 90 helium-filled balloons attached and goes up and away for the ride of a lifetime. 8,000 feet up, to be exact. So quiet and peaceful up there, with a view that is really incredible. Then he takes his shotgun and pops the balloons (most of them) that haven’t already exploded. The chair starts to fall. Roner then cuts free of the chair to free-fall with his shotgun in tow. He pulls the rip cord and parachutes to a perfect landing. I’m just glad he didn’t land on his gun.

From Rare:

Strip the Pixar classic “Up” to the bare minimum—no kid, no heart-breaking backstory, no dogs, no villain—and what you’re left with is Erik Roner’s childhood dream realized.

Hoisted in a lawn chair lifted by 90 helium balloons and armed with a shotgun (because there’s no easier way down), Roner flew 8,000 feet over Utah mountains, a feat captured on video that aired on ABC’s Good Morning America.

After the scenic part came the “fun” part—popping the balloons one by one with the shotgun, free-falling off the chair and opening the parachute to safety.

Roner is a serial adrenaline junkie, having BASE jumped in Switzerland and skied in Chile, according to the ABC report.

“That was epic!” he said after landing.

The trip was sponsored by energy drink makers Rockstar, apparently seeking to outdo Red Bull’s sponsorship of sporting events and jumps from space.

After his death-defying, adrenaline junkie stunt, Roner goes back to the store where he bought the balloons and shares the video with the cashier and others. I thought that was great. I love that this was for Rockstar and that they had their logo on the underside of the parachute where you could see it via Roner’s body cam. In my book, Roner is a Rockstar and this was one heck of ride. Just epic.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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