Man tricks his girlfriend into thinking he’s going to propose as he gets down on one knee – then asks her a different question

Great Moments In Dating, this is not

A man tricked his girlfriend into thinking he was going to propose to her by getting down on one knee with a ring box on Valentine’s Day.

Brad Holmes, 24 from Southampton, told his girlfriend Jenny Davies, 22, from Portsmouth, how happy she makes him. He can then be seen taking out a white box from his pocket in the footage which has been seen more than seven million times.

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Jenny looks overcome with emotion as Brad goes down on one knee. But instead of asking her to marry him, he leaves her shocked by saying: ‘Will you make me a cup of tea?’

No, dude. You’re doing it wrong. And you’re destined to be very lonely.

Unless she has a sense of humor…

But Brad told FEMAIL that she had forgiven him 20 minutes later – and made him a cup of tea.

Brad said: ‘I grovelled for a bit and played it back to her and she saw the funny side.

‘I got my cup of tea within 15 to 20 minutes.

‘She was a bit annoyed about it but she knows what I’m like.’

Sounds like it all worked out. For now. He might want to buy that ring, though.

The video…

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