Michelle Big Nanny “Food-OBama” is Coming to a School Bake Sale Near You

It’s getting so ridiculous even the : Associated Press is even screaming in a headline:: 


Excuse me, do you have a LICENSE to sell those cookies?

Michelle snorfs some ice cream–rules for thee, but not for she

Just how much government control do you want in your:  school, over your child and controlling your family?: :  First lady Michelle Obama has taken upon herself to get wayyyyyyy : into your face about food, and : she has just gotten herself a:  big “thumbs up” to do so in Congress.:  The bill is sitting on her husband’s desk for signature.

Were these burgers bought during school hours????

: Once again, all the do-goodies who fell all over themselves to enable what has been billed as a “school lunch bill” are getting a big shock as they read the fine print.

Michelle eats ice cream (again)

Michelle Obama’s big nanny, big government food police are coming.:  What does this bill do?:  (comments in red by me.)

According to an article by the Associated Press:

–It adds ANOTHER 115,000 children to subsidized school food programs, and adds a whole new class of entitled student, the school “dinner” student.:  This means the government in some schools will be serving low-income kids breakfast, lunch AND dinner. (take this a few years down the road and who needs parents?:  Just leave your kids at the warehouse.)

–“the legislation would apply to all foods sold in schools during regular class hours, including in the cafeteria line, vending machines and at fundraisers.:  It wouldn’t apply to after-hours events or concession stands at sports events. Public health groups pushed for the language on fundraisers, which encourages the secretary of Agriculture to allow them only if they are infrequent.” (who determines “infrequent” ??)

“Margo Wootan of the Center for Science in the Public Interest says the bill is aimed at curbing daily or weekly bake sales or pizza fundraisers that become a regular part of kids’ lunchtime routines. She says selling junk food can easily be substituted with nonfood fundraisers.

“These fundraisers are happening all the time,” Wootan said. “It’s a pizza sale one day, doughnuts the next… It’s endless. This is really about supporting parental choice. Most parents don’t want their kids to use their lunch money to buy junk food. They expect they’ll use their lunch money to buy a balanced school meal.”


“This could be a real train wreck for school districts,” Lucy Gettman of the National School Boards Association said Friday, a day after the House cleared the bill. “The federal government should not be in the business of regulating this kind of activity at the local level.”

The $4.5 billion cost of the new school nutrition program is also a concern.

Sarah Palin brought 200 sugar cookies to a school speech in Pennsylvania to tweak the state board of education which is considering strict new rules about snack foods and school programs.

Resentment is growing, but again, the bill has already been passed….now it will be : just one more thing to repeal, if: it’s: possible to dispose of big government bureacracies once they take root.

Once the bobble-heads in the PTA and the teachers’ unions get hold of this new “control” mechanism over your kids, do you think they will want to relinquish this power?: 

What will be the “politically correct” fundraiser sale item under the new regime……boxes of toothpicks….photos of Michelle?

Suitable for framing?

This might be a big seller for your next fundraiser
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