The mini dog whisperer: Girl, four, manages to keep SIX hungry Pit Bulls waiting patiently for their dog food [Video]

This is adorable. The family has trained the puppies well and they love that little girl. Dogs are like people, there are good ones and bad ones. But dogs are born innocent of heart and mind and they are built to love humans. This little girl loves them right back and has the ‘touch’ for handling the dogs. Her commands to sit are immediately followed and they patiently wait in a semi-circle for the dog food to be laid out and spread. Then they wait some more for the command to eat. They eat together just like a family… no growling or fighting. Just munching and tail wagging. Humans and Pit Bulls are one big, happy family/pack here in this household.

Despite the presence of food, the girl orders the dogs to stay and counts slowly to three.

From the Daily Mail:

As the six hungry pitbulls surround the four-year-old girl, viewers of this video may be forgiven for believing there can only be one outcome.

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Each dog is far heavier and more powerful than the small child.

Almost 120,000 people however have seen how the youngster fearlessly controls the dogs surrounding her and may be able to take a leaf out of her book.

Like a conductor standing in front of an orchestra, she waves her hands to issue instructions to her pack.

The woman behind the camera announces ‘feeding time’ and tells the young girl to ‘go ahead and call them in there’.

The youngster tells the dogs to sit and starts thanking the dogs individually for obeying her commands.

After 20 seconds, the girl notices one of the dogs standing that the rear of the group and she claps her hands once, making the dog sit immediately.

When a second dog stands, she claps her hand again, which orders the dog to sit.

Once all the dogs are seated, the young girl, removes a plastic box from on top of her cooker and tells the dogs ‘thank you’.

She then reaches into the container and pours the brown kibble onto the tiled kitchen floor.

As the mobile phone pans through the room, the dogs can be seen salivating as the youngster orders them to stay.

She returns to the cooker, barely able to carry a second plastic container filled with dried dog food.

The girl uses the base of the container as an impromptu spatula to spread the pellets across the floor before returning it to the cooker.

The six dogs look towards the girl with anticipation when she turns to face them when she asks them ‘ok guys, are you ready? Are you guys hungry?’

She then starts counting slowly to three. The dogs remain still during the count even though the girl draws out the final number before suddenly announcing ‘okay’ – the signal for the dogs to pounce.

The six dogs form a feeding circle, noisily chewing on the dried food pellets.

Then the person behind the camera announces: ‘Six male pitbulls, some people say it could never be done. They live and eat together. We are a family. That was a four-year-old, who was able to tell those dogs what to do and when to do it.’

The narrator then signs off with ‘Love your pitbull’.

A four year-old who can win the hearts of six Pit Bulls. And a proud mom who has taught her daughter and her puppies well. What’s not to love here? I would imagine those dogs would move heaven and earth for that little girl. But I have to give it to them… even though they were very hungry, they were good dogs and waited. These are all males as well. I have had many people tell me that Pit Bulls are good and loving pets. These would appear to be the best of pets. Good doggies.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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