Obama, In Charge of Military, Can’t Pronounce Their TITLES

I’m pretty sure Obama knows it’s not Peace : Corpse or Obama Youth Corpse, yet he doesn’t know how to pronounce corpsman properly. : He read corpsman as corpse-man in his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast. Telling.

When Bush mispronounced nuclear, the left went bananas. It became someone he was bashed for non-stop. Obama’s misspoken plenty of times, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so offended – and I’m not even in the military.

Cassy Fiano is right. Sure, some may (and I’m sure will) say that it seems like nit-picking and acting “just like them”, but it is the military. And he is the Commander in Chief. Shouldn’t he know how to pronounce the rank titles of the men and women who put their very lives on the line for their Country – and at HIS command?

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Allahpundit points out that perhaps it was the teleprompter being fed phonetically. : Three times. Perhaps, because I do suspect he was : off teleprompter : when he did know : how to pronounce Photo Op (with our troops.)

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