OMG! Prankster Tells Dad He Got Girl Pregnant- IMMEDIATELY Regrets It When Furious Dad Does THIS!

OMG! Prankster Tells Dad He Got Girl Pregnant- IMMEDIATELY Regrets It When Furious Dad Does THIS!

A teenager pulling a prank on his father backfired in the worst way possible for him. After he broke the ‘news’ to his father, he watched as his dad destroyed his gaming computer and his fan in his bedroom with a baseball bat. Yea, never saw this going sideways AT ALL:

fatal pranks

Vincent, from California, was powerless to stop his dad as he picked up a baseball bat and repeatedly hit the games console.

The incident, which was recorded by his cousin in a seven-minute video, sees Vincent immediately regret the prank and ask: ‘Why can’t we go back in time?’

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The video started with a nervous-looking Vincent, he said: ‘Alright guys, I’m about to call my dad right now. I’m shaking, kind of scared. But let’s do it. I’ve never pranked my dad before.’

When his dad picks up the phone, he asks him in Vietnamese: ‘You have time to talk?’

The father replied: ‘I’m driving right now’ and Vincent replied ‘Can I talk to you right now?

His dad told him: ‘What is it? Say it?’

Vincent, whose Fatal Pranks channel has 350,000 subscribers, said: ‘Don’t yell okay?’ as he prepares to drop the bombshell.

‘Don’t yell?’ his father asks, ‘Say whatever it is you’re going to say.’

Vincent said: ‘Yesterday, the doctor just said I impregnated a girl. I got a girl pregnant.’

When it seems his words don’t quite register, Vincent repeats himself again before the line falls momentarily silent.

‘What are you trying to say?’ his shocked dad asks.

‘That I got a girl pregnant,’ Vincent repeats again.

After the dad shouts ‘why?’ down the phone, Vincent says: ‘I didn’t know, this was months ago. The doctor just told me.’

‘You’re not mad at me, right? the prankster asks.

To which his dad replies: ‘Why wouldn’t I be mad at you? Now! Why did you do that?,’ says the dad.
‘I already told you, why are you not focusing on school. Why would you do that?’

Before putting down the phone, the father said: ‘I already told you. Now what’s going to happen?We’ll talk about it when I’m at home.’

A sheepish Vincent told his cousin, who is filming the prank: ‘Dude, I’m scared.’

His cousin replied: ‘Bro, just keep up with the prank. You’ve started it now. Why not keep going?’

Vincent says: ‘I know, my heart’s shaking right now. I’m scared.

If he hits me you have to tell him okay, that it’s a joke. It’s on you, you owe me.’

‘I got you,’ says his cousin.

After taking a deep breath and clutching his chest, Vincent announces: ‘Right guys. This is the first time pranking my dad. I’m going to do it.’

The next thing you see is Vincent talking to his dad in what appears to be his bedroom.

The father yells: ‘I told you to focus on school. Why aren’t you focusing?’

‘I am focusing in school, what are you talking about?’ replies Vincent.

But the dad says: ‘If you’re focusing in school, why did a problem like this occur? Why Vincent?’

‘I’m sorry dad, I’m sorry,’ he replies, as his dad picks up a baseball bat.

The father then lunges at the computer screen and a nearby fan, hitting them over and over. Vincent pleads with him to stop and tries to tell him it’s a joke.

But he doesn’t listen and continues destroying the equipment before storming out of the room – at which point Vincent can be seen crouching on the floor, screaming ‘oh my god’.

After his dad leaves, Vincent can be seen holding his hands over his face. ‘Dude, that’s just $1,000 (£718) worth of equipment. Oh my god,’ he says.

As his cousin points the camera towards the fragments of his computer scattered on the floor, Vincent asks him why he didn’t step in and say it was a joke.

Vincent asked: ‘Why didn’t you tell him it was a joke.’

The cousin replies: ‘I thought you wanted to keep going along with it.’

‘This is my gaming computer, bro,’ says Vincent, before punching his desk.

‘F**ck, I knew I shouldn’t have done this shit,’ he adds.

In shock, Vincent then lays on floor with head in hands. The cousin said: ‘At the same time I feel bad for you but equally this is what you get.’

Vincent said: ‘What’s the f**king point in telling him it’s a prank now? If I tell him it’s a prank can we go back in time and change this?

‘Oh my gosh, why can’t we go back in time, bro. I’ve been using this computer for the last two years. Look at it! He broke the fan too. I prank him once and this is what I get.’

He then goes down the stairs and opens the front door to speak to his dad, who’s sat outside.

‘Dad, you know I was kidding, right?’ Vincent says.

‘Kidding about what?’, his dad replies.

‘It’s a prank for the internet, a video. It’s just a joke, I didn’t get no girl pregnant.’

‘Why didn’t you say so earlier?’ his dad asks. ‘That’s not something to joke about. It doesn’t matter if it’s a joke.

After apologising, Vincent asked: ‘So you going to get me a new computer? You broke my computer.’

But his question is met with a frosty response. His dad said: ‘Broken or not, I don’t care. I’m not going to say anything anymore,’ his dad says. ‘Now that it’s broken, its on you. Do whatever you want.’

Before the video ends, a distraught-looking Vincent added: ‘Wow, I can’t believe that’s just happened right now. What just happened right now. I can’t believe that just happened.’

I’m with Vincent’s dad on this one. This is a stupid prank and sorry, you deserve whatever happened to you as a result. This, by the way, is why we don’t allow teenagers to run things, folks.

Written by Katie McGuire. Send your hate mail to the author at [email protected], or feel free to mean tweet me at @GOPKatie, where I will be sure to do very little about it.


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