Orange County Tea Party Bravely Confronts Radical Islamic Fundraiser in Yorba Linda

The Muslim community in Los Angeles is now releasing a “propaganda” video of a group of about 100 Orange County California Tea Party members who protested an Islamic Circle of North America fund-raising meeting in Yorba Linda in February.: : 

The video is labeled : by the Islamics as a “Hate” rally.:  It is produced and edited in such a way as:  to attempt to “color”:  the opinions of the media and public who see it.: : : 

Rather than : a deterrent, I show:  you the video : because I hope it is an inspiration to all of you to speak up and turn these radical Islamic groups OUT of your community.:  These groups all have ties to radical terror.:  To lull you into thinking they are benign “charities” : is a tax dodge and a subterfuge. [ Read::  The Muslim Brotherhood’s “General Strategic: Goals for North America”]

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QUOTES FROM THE RALLY: “Go home! We don’t want your shari’a law. We don’t want your terrorists. Remember 9/11. Go home! Do you beat up your wife, too? Maybe you should go have sex with a nine year old (as the prophet Muhammad did). This is one nation under God, NOT Allah!”

Watch the video here.

Here is what the Council on American-Islamic Relations wrote about the rally later. My comments are in the brackets in:  [ BOLD.]


The Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) today released a video of a rally organized by anti-Muslim protesters to protest a February fundraising event held by ICNA — : an American Muslim relief [terror] funding group for relief work and charity in the U.S. [ read what they REALLY are doing in the United States and their affiliation with Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda]

A few hundred protesters showed up to the rally, which was sponsored by groups such as: “We Surround Them OC 912? (a local Tea Party group), Rabbi David Eliezrie of Chabad — Yorba Linda, North Orange County Conservative Coalition, ACT! for America, and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs. : Elected officials Congressmen Ed Royce and Gary Miller, and Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly also attended and spoke at the protest rally.

The event – held at Yorba Linda Community Center, a facility that has been frequented by Muslim families and businesses over the years – first became a target of anti-Muslim bigots over two of the fundraiser’s speakers, who were to speak on the importance of charity in Islam. Initial attempts of some groups to have the Yorba Linda Community Center and the Yorba Linda City Council cancel the fundraising event failed, followed by the protest.

Besides the very questionable “charitable” purpose of ICNA, their website proudly notes their December guest speaker:
Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of the founder of Muslim Brotherhood.:  [Who is Tariq Ramadan? Discover the Networks.]

Tariq Ramadan’s radical connections, writings and speeches were enough to get him banned from the United States during the Bush administration.:  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: have allowed him a new visa. Why was he considered a threat to America?

Among the items that led to this: DHS decision were the following:

  • In the midst of a series of mid-1990s: attacks in Paris perpetrated by the Algerian Islamist terrorist movement, French Interior Minister Jean Louis Debre forbade Ramadan to enter France because of his connections to that movement.
  • According to Spanish judge Balatasar Garzón, Ramadan had “routine contacts” with Ahmed Brahim, an Algerian believed to be the financial chief of al Qaeda and the financier of the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya.
  • In his 2001 trial, Djamel Beghal, an al Qaeda recruiter who confessed to conspiring to blow up the U.S embassy in Paris,: testified that he had studied with Ramadan. : 
  • Ramadan’s address was found in a register of the Al Taqwa Bank, which is part of a network of financial institutions that the U.S. State Department believes is helping to fund terrorism.
  • Ramadan characterized the 9/11 attacks, the October 2002 Bali nightclub attack, and the March 2004 Madrid train bombings as “interventions” rather than acts of terrorism.
  • When asked by an Italian magazine whether car bombings against U.S. troops in Iraq were justifiable, Ramadan replied: “Iraq was colonized by the Americans. Resistance against the army is just.”

According to terrorism expert Jean Charles Brisard,: Ramadan took part in a 2004 London conference with Yusuf: al Qaradawi, who has justified suicide bombings, the killing of American soldiers in Iraq, and the 9/11 attacks.

Thanks to all the Patriots in Orange: County: who attended this rally against ICNA: : and stood for TRUTH.:  A lot of us are too afraid of the intimidation tactics.: 

Indeed, ICNA has gone to great trouble on its website to put pictures and names of many of the protesters, in effect, to “target”:  the: : shariah: law : protesters.: :  Because there is no shariah law in the U.S. yet, the Tea party is free to speak its mind and criticize these groups.:  In Pakistan, Egypt, the Sudan, Iraq and Nigeria, Christians are being butchered by Muslims who will not tolerate “infidels”:  in their countries.:  There are “blasphemy” laws which order anyone who criticizes: the: Islam or the: prophet Mohammed to be killed.: [ See archives of BareNakedIslam: “Muslims Killing Christians” ]: 

Don’t let the: assassination : of:  Pakistani Minister Shabaz Bhatti : 3 days ago be for nothing.:  The only Christian politician in: Pakistan’s government, a Roman Catholic, : had been openly critical of Pakistan’s shariah:  enforcement of “blasphemy laws,” and: made a video warning:  the world just before he was killed.

Many, many more of the demonstrations like what happened in Orange County: need to be happening all around the country.:  Congratulations to the people who are willing to take personal risk to stand against this deceptive evil in our communities.:  Those who chafe at direct, unpleasant confrontations with radical Islamists masquerading as “charities” in our communities need to realize::  What: they have planned for our country will be VERY inconvenient, uncomfortable, and deadly.:  : God Bless the Orange County Patriots.

hat tip::  BareNakedIslam

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