Target SUES Hero who Fended off Knife-Wielding Attacker as He Stabbed a 16-year-old Female Hostage

Target SUES Hero who Fended off Knife-Wielding Attacker as He Stabbed a 16-year-old Female Hostage

Most people would jump in and try to stop a girl from getting stabbed right in front of our eyes, right? Michael Turner is now being SUED by the retail giant, when they should be sending him a thank you card. I just despise how ridiculously litigious America has become:



Despite his heroic effort to fight off a knife-wielding attacker from a then-16-year-old girl, Target is suing a man who stopped a stabbing in one of their Pittsburgh-area stores.

Michael Turner, 50, was at the big box chain’s location in East Liberty when he confronted attacker Leon Walls, 44, and wrestled him away from his victim Allison Meadows.

Walls had rushed into the Target and was pursued by a group of men including Turner before he grabbed the teenage girl as a hostage and stabbed her twice before the dramatic intervention.

Turner is now speaking out after blamed him and the other men for the attack.

The attacker was found guilty last month of charges including attempted homicide for the March 2013 incident, though was also found mentally ill.

Video surveillance of the event showed Meadows’s mother looking on in horror as her daughter was taken near the store’s checkout line.

A group of bystanders including Turner and his friends were able to rush at Walls and take him down, preventing any more harm to the teen.

Police arrived and used pepper spray to take the stabbing suspect into custody.

However, Target says Turner and his friends caused ‘unreasonable risk of harm to others’ when they pursued and ultimately helped capture the attacker.

The company claims in its suit that the pursuit of Walls led to Meadows’s stabbing, according to WTAE.

He, his friend Jobe Wright who was stabbed by Walls two blocks away, and two other men had brought the bat inside while looking for Walls.

Wright and one of the friends, Roland Smith, are also named in the suit.

‘I feel very sad inside. Now, you got to think twice when it comes to helping someone. You may get sued,’ Turner told WPXI.

He added that he injured his pelvis as a result of the incident when Walls allegedly rammed him with a shopping cart.

Turner staged a one-man protest at the location last week and carried a sign that said ‘Target Sues Stabbing Victim Hero’.

There must be a screw loose in whatever genius decided to sue someone who was defending a human life. I mean, I think that it would definitely look better to have a girl murdered in front of her mother as she was held hostage, wouldn’t you say? Freaking morons. Catch a clue.

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