The End Of Viral Footage

Sadly, yesterday was the final day of Viral Footage’s existence. The site started off as “Right Wing Video” and was then rebranded to Viral Footage. After the rebranding, the site grew a little better, but it eventually topped out at around 4-5k views a day. Unfortunately, a large percentage of those views came from Linkiest, Right Wing News, and traffic trades that involved Linkiest sending out traffic and Viral Footage receiving it in return. So, the amount of organic traffic was smaller than you might think.

I tried a number of different things to get it growing again, but when I noticed that ad revenue wasn’t quite covering the cost to run the site, the traffic was consistently down from a year ago, and I had no new ideas to help it thrive, I decided it was time to deep six the website. So now, it’s pointed at Linkiest. For everyone who patronized Viral Footage over the years, it was much appreciated. Thank you.

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