The Top 10 Anti-Obamacare Videos

Courtesy of Viral Footage, here are the 10 best anti-Obamacare videos that have come out so far (The titles have been taken directly from Viral Footage):

10) Health Rations and You

9) Clever RNC Healthcare Attack Ad: Reforma

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8) Universal Healthcare (Runaround Sue Parody — ObamaCare)

7) It’s hard for Congressmen to apologize (This is fun!)

6) Jack Webb Schools Barack Obama on Healthcare.

5) Obama Wants To Pull The Plug On Grandma

4) Grandma, Meet Politicized Health Care (Awesome)

3) We need celebrities to tell us what to think about health care.

2) 1—800—OBAMACARE (This is good)

1) Mountain Climbing: The best anti-socialized Medicine ad yet

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