VIDEO: A Sneak-Peak At Socialism – A 1980’s Soviet Grocery Store

VIDEO: A Sneak-Peak At Socialism – A 1980’s Soviet Grocery Store

Socialism sounds warm and fuzzy on paper, but in reality it sucks. Just ask the Russian people who lived through the old Soviet system.


From The Federalist Papers:

Shopping at a grocery store like this was a fairly common experience for Russian citizens under the old soviet system. It was a Communist / Democratic-Socialist paradise.

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The citizens were equal in their poverty while their rulers lived luxuriously.

Give Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton what they want and this is what the USA will ultimately end up with.

The dumbed-down masses today being brainwashed in left-wing public schools, colleges and universities are not being taught the truth about history or how socialism destroys free societies.

Talk to anyone who lived in the Soviet Union during the cold war years and they can attest to the ultimate miseries of this unworkable and failed system of government.

They experienced end-game socialism much like Venezuela, Cuba and much of Europe is beginning to experience today.

Watch the video then compare with what you normally see at a typical supermarket, or even convenience store, here in the United States:

Is this really what we want for America?

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