VIDEO: Adorable Kitten Gives Stuffed Tiger A VICIOUS Beating

VIDEO: Adorable Kitten Gives Stuffed Tiger A VICIOUS Beating

I don’t know why this little kitty is so angry at this toy, but I do know that he’s got a mean right hook. I’d hate to be on the receiving end of his wrath.


From The Daily Mail:

A cat with a mean right hook has given a stuffed tiger toy a serious pounding in a hilarious video.

Footage shows the ruthless animal rising onto its back legs and hissing before repeatedly punching the toy square in the eye.

Uploaded to Youtube on Saturday, the minute-long clip has accumulated more than 15,000 views, with viewers labelling the feisty feline as ‘Cat-sius Clay’ and ‘a boxing champion.’

As if it were training with a speed bag, the cat smashes the toy 12 times in the face before recoiling, holding its white paws up emitting a vicious hiss.

The impressive fighter even holds onto the wall for stability while it thrashes its victim.

At the end of the pummeling, the cat appears to lose interest and sits on the floor.

Its owner attempts to tempt it to fight again, pushing the tiger closer, to which the cat springs backward and stares the toy down.

Watch the video below:

Can I choose him to be my sparring partner? I could really use some lessons.



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