This video of a cop boogying out to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” is all you will need today

Now that’s hysterical. Still laughing and crying – you have just got to see this one! Who doesn’t love Taylor Swift? Well, this officer certainly does and you get to see him boogie all the way through it. It just makes you love and support your local police force even more in my book. The Dover police force rocks! I especially love it when he’s trying to look cool and serious to people he passes and waves at and then goes right back to shaking it while driving. Is there a law against that yet?

From Rare:

One reason why dash-cams in cop cars are good is that they keep the police accountable. Another reason is that they record officers when they decide to dance uncontrollably to Taylor Swift songs.

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The Dover Police uploaded this YouTube video recently that shows a cop shaking it to Swift’s “Shake It Off.” And he’s pretty good!

This guy is actually pretty good and his facial and hand gestures during the song are priceless. I was having a fairly crappy weekend, being ill with a cold and all, until I saw this. It really made me laugh and feel better, which I think was the intent. Cops are people too and do silly things just like the rest of us. Who says the guys in blue don’t have a sense of rhythm or humor? It reminds me of old Night Court episodes, where you didn’t know what the judge was wearing under his robe. You just never know when your local police are getting their groove on.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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