VIDEO: Florida Governor Confronted by Protester in Starbucks, His Reply is Epic…

VIDEO: Florida Governor Confronted by Protester in Starbucks, His Reply is Epic…

Rick Scott got a very public dressing down from an angry liberal while waiting in line for coffee at the local Starbucks. He finally got a chance to respond and it’s pretty fantastic.


From Louder With Crowder:

Remember the crazy woman who yelled at Florida Gov. Rick Scott at a Starbucks? It got a lot of media attention because, “hey look, a Republican is getting yelled at for being a Republican.” If you don’t remember, the woman yelled at him because her life wasn’t as rosy as she wanted it to be. Obviously since she believes the government is responsible for all the things, then a governor would be responsible for the outcome of her own life. This is why we hate the leftists so…

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Well, Rick Scott responded with a commercial, and it’s awesome.

“You’re an a-hole,” shouted Cara Jennings about his refusal to expand Medicaid to include the working poor. Scott replied with his standard statement about being focused on job creation, a response Jennings ridiculed. The exchange was caught on a video that went viral.

Friday morning, Scott continued the discussion with a video posted on his political action committee Let’s Get to Work website and YouTube.

The video calls Jennings a “latte liberal” and suggests if she spent less time in coffee shops she may be able to land one of the million jobs Scott claims to have created.

That’ll do, Governor. That’ll do.

Normally Republican’s just roll over and take leftist criticism. See 8 years of George W. Bush. Well this ad right here? It’s a healthy dose of pushback. We appreciate it, Governor.

Did this woman have the right to say what she said? Absolutely. The First Amendment even applies in Starbucks. But that same right doesn’t promise immunity from criticism of those words she spoke. The lesson here is, if you want to scream at someone in this day in age, where you might be recorded, then uploaded to YouTube, be prepared to be Googled. Be prepared to have your face plastered in a call out. Be prepared to have your silly argument roasted too long, just like that blend she was probably sipping.

Watch the video below:

Anyone else have a smug sense of satisfaction?

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