VIDEO: Former Democrat DESTROYS the “Minimum Wage Debate” in Amazing Facebook Video

VIDEO: Former Democrat DESTROYS the “Minimum Wage Debate” in Amazing Facebook Video

Eric July is a rapper, a dancer AND a lead singer for a metal hip-hop band called BackWordz. He also happens to be a former Democrat!
His six-minute video on The Tired, Silly Minimum Wage Debate needs to go viral!


The Tired, Silly Minimum Wage Debate
Young People, The Silly Minimum Wage Debate, & Basic Economics

Posted by Eric July on Saturday, July 11, 2015

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We’ll let you learn more about Eric in his own words.

Growing up
My story is fairly typical. I grew up in a single-parent household and my father was not around, didn’t have a lot of money, and I “gangbanged” in Dallas, Texas. Track and field allowed me an avenue to get out of my situation. Becoming a state qualifier in the largest athletic division in Texas, I received a scholarship to the University of Memphis. It was there I campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008, and did it blindly. There was no other reason I supported him other than the fact he was black and Democrat. I ended up transferring to Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi the next year and as I started taking classes such as economics, the more I began to think for myself.

Once I read up on black economists like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, the more I thought critically. And as I thought critically, I realized there was no legitimate reason to support the Democratic Party. Though I grew up liberal, it took simply thinking for myself to realize that I have no reason to support them, or trust a big government. I went from being a socialist Democrat to a Libertarian.

I’m a libertarian because I understand not only the history of America, but also the history of the blacks in this country. Government and extensions of the government have always been used to keep black people behind their white counterparts. It makes no sense as to why I should trust a party that wants more government. In this country, it seems as if we have politicians that run on the fact that the majority of voters are politically ignorant. Everything seems to be approached from an emotional level, not a factual level. And people eat it up. We legitimately have a socialist running for office, such as Bernie Sanders, and there are millions that support him, though he is economically illiterate, or he knows voters are. The Democratic Party meanwhile, continues to run predominately black cities and represent predominately black neighborhoods.. and blacks have got nothing out of it. I argue that they shouldn’t expect to get anything, but they do, and get nothing — yet blindly blame the Republican Party for their situation, though the Republican Party does not hold office in their cities or in their neighborhoods. Democrats continue to win the black vote without any kind of criticism, and in turn do nothing for blacks, though they masked themselves as saviors.

The black community
I’ve grown sick and tired of Democrats treating black people like they’re stupid and cannot think for themselves…and I’m tired of black folks putting their trust in a party that does nothing for them.

Though our history has been unfortunate and racism will always exist, we have access to things we never had access to before. Thus, only WE can better our situation, not a politician, not a government, not the Democratic Party. We have ridiculous homicide rates, ridiculous abortion rates, and ridiculous amounts of babies born out of wedlock, so fathers aren’t around. This is a culture problem that no special tax or police reform will ever fix.

Could not have said better words myself. Thank you for your insirpration to a young generation of black men and women who may not ‘get it’ just yet.

You can watch July’s Video HERE.

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