VIDEO: Gangster Squeezes Bullet Out Of His Own Leg

VIDEO: Gangster Squeezes Bullet Out Of His Own Leg

Just when you think you have seen EVERYTHING, along comes a video that makes you wonder…what the HECK did I just watch? WARNING: Contains profanity and images that some may find disturbing.


From III Percenter Nation:

If this is what the “thug life” consists of, count me all the way out.

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This guy is clearly a “real” gangster and if the tattoos weren’t an indication, it’s the fact that he says he takes all the “real” bullets himself. As in plural. Now I’m not judging but you have to be pretty unlucky to have to constantly pull stray bullets from your body.

It definitely shows in his proficiency, too. The dude treats the bullet lodged in his leg like a huge pimple and Dr. Sandra Lee would be impressed. Only thing you can hear from this guy is him breathing. What a warrior.

It’s hilarious watching him examine the bullet, trying to figure out the caliber it is. The are bunch of unanswered questions, including: how far away was he from the gun? Did he take a direct hit or a ricochet? How is the bullet so shallow in his leg? And here’s another: How does one get a bullet in his leg and then decide to make a YouTube video about how to remove it?

Wow. This is a bit much, even for me. What do you think of this gangster and his brand of at home surgery? Sound off in the comments below!

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