VIDEO: Jeep driver sees badly parked BMW, gives them a push they won’t forget

VIDEO: Jeep driver sees badly parked BMW, gives them a push they won’t forget

When these guys cruised through the parking lot of an unknown location, they noticed something out of place. It was a BMW that was taking up two parking spots. The driver figured he would give the Beamer a helping hand. He pulled the Jeep into position behind the rear driver side of the fancy car and pushed the pedal. That’s right! The Jeep literally pushes the BMW into the correct parking position.

Can you imagine the look on the BMW driver’s face when they find out their car is properly parked? There might be a small dent, but this Jeep meant no harm, right?

Watch the video:

After driving past the poorly parked BMW, the unseen Jeep driver turns around in the parking lot and, seemingly without a second thought, rams into the luxury vehicle’s side.

At that moment, the parking lot becomes a demolition derby.

The white Jeep has a customized bumper that causes a dent on the BMW’s left rear door.

If I had to pick which side I would be on, it would be neither. I’d be on my own side watching this happen in full force, enjoying it and remembering to not ever double park. I try my best to park between the lines so some rugged Jeep driving American doesn’t have to deal with my inconsiderate stupidity. At the same time, if I saw this BMW parked like that, then I wouldn’t push it into place and risk getting caught. Not worth it with the way insurance rates are these days!

There’s one thing that’s worse than someone who double parks. It’s when a young person who is fully able-bodied takes their grandmother’s old Chevy Celebrity with the handicapped license plate and pulls into the handicapped parking spot with the speakers ramped up to full volume.

That’s just lazy.

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