VIDEO: Rhino Charges Safari Truck… Then THIS Happens

VIDEO: Rhino Charges Safari Truck… Then THIS Happens

Rhinos are magnificent animals, but they have notoriously bad eyesight and they are very, very bad tempered. Some tourists in Etosha National Park in Namibia found that out the hard way. No one was hurt, but it scared the crap out of them. The rhino just suddenly charged their vehicle and gored it. Then it nuzzled next to it before lumbering away. That’s a close encounter you really don’t want to have. They were lucky it wasn’t much, much worse. Alexandra Poier was sitting in a nearby car and got the whole frightening episode on video. Safari indeed.


From the Daily Mail:

This is the terrifying moment an angry rhino suffered a serious case of road rage – and charged straight into a group of tourists trapped inside a car.

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Footage of the remarkable incident shows the animal first taking an unusual interest in the Toyota truck parked on a dusty road next to its grassland home.

But this interest quickly turns sinister when the rhino starts trotting towards the jeep – before breaking into a full sprint and ramming it as a group of horrified tourists cower inside.

The rhino must have seen the vehicle as a threat. Maybe it thought it was another rhino considering how poorly they see. Who knows? He could have flipped the vehicle over rather handily and they were fortunate he didn’t. The tour guide said this was a rare event, but I have seen this happen numerous times before. You just don’t want to be the subject of a rhino’s wrath. The black rhinoceros, which inhabits areas across southern and eastern Africa, is considered endangered and an unknown number of the animals live in the 8,600 sq. m. Etosha National Park. Weighing up to 3,100 lbs and with an ability to charge at 35 mph, they are notorious for their aggression and willingness to run at any object that is unfamiliar. This one was looking to rumble. I’ll bet those tourists never forget that encounter.








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