VIDEO: The NYC Subway Passenger Stepping Up To Defend A Woman Bullied By Her Boyfriend

All too often we see mass transportation becoming a forum for some of the worst behavior imaginable, and in that forum we see passengers idly standing around as some of the worst people do some of the worst things.

Not this time, though.

Who said chivalry was dead?

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A video has emerged online showing a stranger coming to the defense of a female subway rider in New York City who was being berated by a man believed  to be her boyfriend.

The five- minute footage, which first appeared on the video-sharing portal LiveLeak Sunday, has been viewed more than 50,000 times as of Monday afternoon, and counting.

According to LiveLeak user ‘bklynblke’ who posted the video, the incident took place Saturday on the Fulton Street Line in the East New York section of Brooklyn.

The video opens with an African-American man in a pair of baggy pants hanging halfway down his backside, a tan jacket and a dark-colored beanie hat muttering something unintelligible about ‘Broadway Junction’ and a ‘2015 Benz.’

He ends his tirade by calling a woman, presumably his girlfriend sitting in the middle of the train car, ‘a f***ing h*.’

When the action in the video resumes a few minutes later, a young black man with an island accent, dressed in a black suit jacket, bluejeans and a fedora hat, confronts the angry boyfriend, hurling obscenities at him.

‘That’s all you can do, talk?’ the stranger demands of the boyfriend. ‘I’ll bury your a**, n*****, get the f*** out of here. We run this city!’

It goes from there. Here’s the video, which does get more than a little salty…

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