VIDEO: There’s a Reason This Cat’s Meow is Going Viral

VIDEO: There’s a Reason This Cat’s Meow is Going Viral

There are lots of funny animal videos on the Internet, but one video of a cat has quickly gone viral. Jack is a black and white cat who, like other cats, meows. But Jack’s meow is different from other cats and it has a lot of people comparing him to some famous singers.

While Jack is a small cat, his deep meow has people thinking of Barry White. In a clip posted on YouTube, Jack’s owner is heard laughing and greeting his cat while the cat climbs onto the counter. At first, Jack is quiet and shy, while his owner urges him to say hello.

When Jack finally does let out a “meow,” his insanely low voice being so shocking that viewers wondered how such a small cat could make such a giant noise.

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His owner had at least somewhat of an explanation. “So this is Jack and he has some sort of type of laryngeal paralysis?” the owner said. “At least that is what the vet told me.” But not everyone believed him. As thousands upon thousands of comments racked up, people began to argue about what caused the deep meow.

“Zoologist here. That condition doesn’t cause any noticeable symptoms, especially that of a human-like meow, and a cat’s voicebox is pretty incapable of making a noise like that no matter what happens to it anyway,” YouTube user Grace Shah said. “The video is obviously a funny joke.”

But not everyone cared whether or not it was a prank video. “I don’t care if this is real or fake, it’s freaking hilarious either way,” user Sofia Garcia replied. “Please don’t fight about this, it doesn’t really matter.”

Whether or not Jack’s voice really is that low may not be clear. But one thing is for certain — this is one cat who has made himself a lot of fans!

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