Video: World’s Feistiest Cat ATTACKS A HORSE, Which Throws Rider Before Dog Saves The Day

Video: World’s Feistiest Cat ATTACKS A HORSE, Which Throws Rider Before Dog Saves The Day

Cats are wonderful pets, as long as they’re your only pets. If you force cats to cohabitate with other animals… well you get something that looks an awful lot like this.


From The Daily Mail:

Three unlikely animals were brought together in a bizarre video that emerged online and the outcome of their introduction resulted in utter carnage.

The humorous clip, which emerged on LiveLeak, is believed to have been captured in Serbia and shows a group outside with a horse, a dog and a cat.

In the video, which is filmed by a man on horseback, the dog begins barking at the cat while backing away, and the cat reacts by bravely standing its ground.

The sound of the dog barking appears to frustrate the horse however, who wanders towards the cat in a bid to put a stop to it.

The dog at this point is well out of the way as the horse comes within inches of trampling the feline.

Reacting instinctively, the cat suddenly leaps at the horse, forcing it to back away by striking it on the leg with all of its paws.

The action spooks the horse, which jumps backwards suddenly – again it comes very close to stamping on the cat.

The dog then decides that now would be a good time to chase the cat, and the two animals run off into the distance together.

Meanwhile, the man riding the unsettled horse, which begins jumping up and down, is thrown from its back, and lands with a thud on the hard ground.

The clip concludes with the video maker laughing as the bizarre scene concludes with the man clambering to his feet and heading off to retrieve his horse.

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