[VIDEOS] Viral ‘Charlie Charlie’ Social Media Challenge Has Kids Attempting to Summon Demon

[VIDEOS] Viral ‘Charlie Charlie’ Social Media Challenge Has Kids Attempting to Summon Demon

Every day I am thankful for the fact that while my teenagers may not be as smart as the average adult, at least they are not dumb enough to engage in these kinds of activities like so many teens. The latest fad craze of summoning a demon, which is no laughing matter by the way, has taken hold of the teen crowd – and they are sharing it on Instagram, Vine, and Twitter. From theBlaze:


It’s dubbed the “Charlie Charlie Challenge” — and it has individuals everywhere attempting to summon a Mexican demon named Charlie through the performance of a paranormal ritual.

Individuals are instructed to form a cross with two pencils on a piece of paper. Inside the four boxes created by the pencils, one is supposed to write either “yes” or “no” and then ask if “Charlie” is present. If the pencil moves toward a box with “yes” that supposedly indicates the demon’s spirit is in the room.

The challenge captivated the Internet on Monday, with thousands of individuals weighing in on the challenge using Twitter and Facebook.

Many tweeted video showing them attempt to summon the demon.

Check out some of the crazy videos that people are posting:

Then, of course, satire:

And then one from a rather interesting ‘Child of God’ – WARNING! STRONG LANGUAGE!

Seriously, kids? This is how you are spending your time? Could we maybe try working on some grades, or a study group, or really anything but this asinine crap? Thanks.

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