WARNING: Graphic Video: The Moment a Female UFC Fighter’s Ear Explodes During a Cage Fight

WARNING: Graphic Video: The Moment a Female UFC Fighter’s Ear Explodes During a Cage Fight

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, can be a brutal sport. A brutal cage match between female UFC fighters Jessica Eye and Leslie Smith proved that, when a hard right punch from Eye caused Smith’s ear to explode, with blood spurting all over her face.

leslie smith

The bout between Jessica Eye, 28, and Leslie Smith at the UFC 180 match at Mexico City Arena on Saturday was stopped 90 seconds into the second round after the ear was ripped open.

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Fans witnessed the gruesome sight of blood spurting into the air as Eye, from Ohio, landed a right-hand punch on Smith’s cauliflower ear.

… Despite the shocking injury, the Bantamweight fighter from California said later that she had wanted to carry on. She revealed to MMA Fighting that she told the crowd in Spanish that she wasn’t hurt.

The 32-year-old said: ‘I could still see. I still had my hands. I wanted to fight. I’m disappointed. It wasn’t the way I wanted that fight to end. I wish my ear hadn’t done that. Man, that ear was a bummer.’

She explained that she had been draining the cauliflower ear every night and said that it now looked ‘pretty gnarly’.

Her opponent told Eurosport: ‘When I connected and saw her ear blow up, that became my main target. I was going to keep hitting it until they stopped the fight or it fell off.’

It says a lot about how tough this woman is when she was anxious to keep going despite her ear being busted open and spurting blood everywhere. Maybe the feminazis crying into their cereal over a shirt they didn’t like should take note — it turns out that women actually aren’t fragile little daisies after all!

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