WATCH: The Horrifying Moment 20 Year-Old Heiress Crashes into Crowd of People, Killing 6 [VIDEO]

WATCH: The Horrifying Moment 20 Year-Old Heiress Crashes into Crowd of People, Killing 6 [VIDEO]

Now we turn to Ukraine, where footage of Alyona Zaitseva’s car crashing into pedestrians has been making major news.

In Kharkiv, Ukraine (map below), the 20 year-old heiress “jumped a red light” in her Lexus.

On person near the scene said that afterwards, it looked like “a war zone” as she attempted to give care to some of the people who had been struck. One of the injured people is a woman who was seven months pregnant and is listed as in “grave condition” at a local hospital. Some of the dead include a 15 year-old school girl.

Alyona killed six people when her car hit a group of pedestrians in the footage below. She is the daughter of a local multi-millionaire, Vasily Zaitsev, who runs a local energy company. In the video below, uploaded soon after the incident, we can see the extent of the damage she caused. After her car crashed, two jeeps full of her security detail drove up immediately in order to protect her from the crowd who had witnessed the crash. Witnesses said that bystanders started to surround her vehicle after the crash

Alyona is currently a student and was detained for three days by police after the incident. Police have reported that she was drinking at the time of the crash. If she is convicted, she will face upwards of ten years in jail. Local online bloggers have been covering the situation and are afraid that due to her father’s influence in government, she will be let off easy. She was not injured in the crash.

One local member of Parliament said this (in translation):

“… the Lexus car with woman driver born in 1997, standing on a red light at high speed crashed into a car Volkswagen “Touareg”. The impact of the car “Lexus” owned by her father, dumped on the sidewalk… where at this time there were dozens of pedestrians. The result from the received traumas has already killed six innocent people. 5 pedestrians were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity.”

Another photo from the scene, with bodies blurred.

A few months ago, we reported on a car crash where a drunk, high teenage female started live streaming when she crashed her car, killing her 14 year-old sister. In her drug induced haze, she had no idea what she had done and was seen livestreaming saying things like, “Wake up baby, I’m f**king sorry baby, I did not mean to kill you sweetie.”

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