Watch this motorcycle riding bulldog amazingly wave back when another biker waves at her (Video)

English bulldogs simply rock! Sweets, the bulldog biker, is adorable and uber friendly. Attired in her riding goggles and with the breeze flapping in her ears, she raises her paw in a greeting to a passing biker. I’m not surprised – she’s obviously social and lovable. It’s a spontaneous moment of camaraderie that was untrained and from the pup’s heart.

From Rare:

Sweets the English bulldog is a motorcycle riding badass.

She’s also very friendly.

When another biker passed and gave the bulldog and her owner Christine Sutton a wave, Sweets actually waved back!

Sutton said the wave was totally spontaneous.

“Highlight of my day yesterday. In this still from the video you can see the passing biker. I’m still just so excited about it!” said Sutton on Sweet’s Instagram.

Sweets is just a dog who loves to ride motorcycles and live in the sunny paradise of southern Florida. She loves her bike and her human – maybe not in that order.

Although the English Bulldog’s appearance can be somewhat intimidating, it is among the gentlest of dogs and the most loving. It is described as a very affectionate and dependable animal, gentle with children, but known for its courage and its excellent guarding abilities. Bullheaded and determined, this breed can be very, very persistent. They do not give up easily. Bulldogs are very much a people’s dog, seeking out human attention and loving every bit it can get — as you can see by the enjoyment derived from riding on the motorcycle and seeing friends. 😉

I firmly believe that dogs are a great cure for the bad news of the day and I just love this bulldog! I don’t think it gets any better than man and woman’s best friend, a motorcycle, the open road, friends and wind in your hair. Well, maybe a Conservative Constitutionalist like Ted Cruz becoming President of the United States, but one step at a time.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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