WATCH: The Shocking Moment a Georgia Teenager Falls Out of a Moving Car While Twerking on the Passenger Side With the Door Open

Remember that Jimmy Kimmel twerking fail that went viral? It turned out to be staged, but this hilarious video is not: one teenage girl had the brilliant idea to twerk in a moving car while hanging out of the passenger side door, only to — shockingly! — fall out of the car onto the pavement.


Brittany Symone was caught on video performing the dance move – made famous by singer Miley Cyrus – to the tune of K Camp’s ‘Lil Bit’ as she traveled through Atlanta with her sister and friend.

Adopting a squatting stance on the car’s passenger side, she jiggled her bottom and waved her arms around to the rap music. But seconds later, she seemingly overbalanced.

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Footage shows the teenager reaching for the open door’s handle in an apparent last-ditch attempt to remain inside the moving vehicle, before losing her grip and plummeting toward the ground.

Although Brittany seemingly lands on her feet, the car’s speed means she almost immediately topples over to the left. She is filmed crashing sideways on to the road, her arms flying wildly through the air.

The ‘twerk-induced’ incident, believed to have occurred last week, was captured on video by Brittany’s friend and later posted on her Instagram page, with the caption: ‘Good thing I caught it on camera.’

Twerking is dumb to begin with, but this takes the idiocy to a whole new level. Hey kids, take my advice: stop twerking in crazy situations like this, because you not only look like a moron, you’ll probably get hurt doing it, too.

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