Watch This Nerd Kick Some Ass After Witnessing Man Hit Woman

Watch This Nerd Kick Some Ass After Witnessing Man Hit Woman

People often don’t want to get involved when they see an uncomfortable situation, and especially one where they fear that their own safety might be compromised. But this unassuming geeky looking kid refused to stand back when he saw a goon hit a woman, and he taught the thug a lesson.

geek beats up goon

What would you do if you noticed some guy hitting a Woman. I guess most responsible men take action. This is exactly what this Nerdy looking guy did in this situation. While several other men just stood by without trying to help the woman in trouble. This kid stepped up and handled the situation like a true Champion.

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In this era of social media while most people just want to record the video on their smart phones and upload it on social media , not many people actually take the time and effort to help the person in trouble out.

While this guy’s actions were admirable in the moment, hopefully he will have called the police so that the woman wouldn’t just be in further danger once they were alone together. In any case, at least he was willing to stand up for another person when so many other people would have just looked the other way.

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