WATCH: Tucker DESTROYS NYT Writer Who Said Black People Should Distrust Whites

WATCH: Tucker DESTROYS NYT Writer Who Said Black People Should Distrust Whites

One of Tucker Carlson’s recent guests was on the firing line for the fact that he had recently published a piece in the New York Times entitled “Can My Children Be Friends With White People?”

The article should’ve just said yes, they’re kids, they only ever learn about racism when an adult tells them about it, but its author, Professor Ekow Yankah of Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law was the author in question. Yankah, who is black, wrote:

“I will have to discuss with my boys whether they can truly be friends with white people,” saying that “history has provided little reason for people of color to trust white people in this way.”

Once on with Tucker, who said that you shouldn’t generalize purely on skin color, called the piece racist. The Professor tried to turn the tables of Tucker, asking whether or not Tucker would allow his girls “to be cautious around men” unless those men have proven that they can be trusted. This is, of course, garbage logic. The Professor is trying to say that his sons must be careful about befriending white children in their schools the same way that young girls must be cautious of men as a whole. You can see where this falls apart: The only possible reaction to the statement should be, “What if the racial roles were reversed?” and not looking to change up ages, genders and circumstances.

I hope that everyone currently pursuing a degree at this law school writes their Dean asking for this Professor to be turfed. I will take a moment now to mention that the New York Times article mentions Donald Trump fourteen times, so I doubt this is purely about politics between children.

Tucker says that Yankah’s piece is about race, not sex and says that no, he doesn’t teach his children that there are “dramatic differences between the races, because I’m not a bigot.

The comment section on the YouTube upload of the clip ranges back and forth, but here are some of the more conservative-friendly responses:

“I usually laugh at morons on Tucker’s show, but in this instance, this idiot did nothing but make my blood boil.”

“Tucker is a beast when it comes to taking down the left.”

“Racist to the core. What a shame. An that bigot is teaching young adults. Wow”

You can watch the whole 13-minute clip from Tucker’s show here:

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