What I Saw When Lightning Hit The Waves Took My Breath Away, This Is Very Cool [Video]

What a beautiful video! I love watching lightning. Now that I am in Oklahoma, the lightning is much more intense here and sometimes portends very bad things in the way of tornadoes. But it is still awe-inspiring and wickedly beautiful. I’ve traveled a lot and as a kid, lightning struck a pickup truck I was in with my dad while on a trip. The burning, ozone smell was something I’ll never forget. Watching this light show on the ocean so close to the beach in slow motion is just a wondrous display of nature and thrilling to see.

From Qpolitical:

There is no doubt that nature can be scary at times, but it is also incredibly beautiful.

Lightning is one of those things that we just love to watch at a distance. The beauty of it is awe inspiring.

When this guy setup his slow motion camera I bet he didn’t think he would capture this.

Lightning is AWESOME! Share if you agree!

This must have been an incredible surprise for the guy who set up the camera. It’s one of those incidents you dream of catching on video or getting a picture of. The shows that nature puts on makes anything humans are capable of look puny in comparison. It’s a beautiful tropical beach that you almost don’t notice because of the fantastic lightning display. The waves are sultry and mesmerizing as well, but nature’s pyrotechnics steals the show here no doubt. Followed by an encore of thunder as the sparks die out. Just perfect and truly inspiring.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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