WHOA: Idaho Man Flies Out Of Truck During Police Chase AND Gets Up to RUN AWAY

WHOA: Idaho Man Flies Out Of Truck During Police Chase AND Gets Up to RUN AWAY

In Idaho, the State Police got quite a bit more than they bargained for when a Boise man pulled over for a routine traffic stop led troopers on a chase you usually would see on an episode of ‘Cops’. The police caught it all on dashcam, and boy, is it CRAZY:


The Idaho State Police released the dash cam footage capturing the dramatic moment Jose Manuel Sanchez, 32, was launched into the air after his truck rolled over several times.

Amazingly, Sanchez recovered and staggered away, still trying to evade the police.

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He was later sentenced to 15 years for battery of an officer, eluding police and possession of methamphetamine.
When officers pulled Sanchez over in April, he initially complied.

He stopped and the officer got out of the car, but Sanchez then turned his pickup truck around and drove straight at him.

Sanchez smashed into the police car door as the officer was trying to get back into the vehicle.
As a result, the door slammed close on his leg.

The officer called for backup, and other members of the Boise Police Department chased Sanchez through the city onto Interstate 84.

Sanchez was driving at speeds over 70 miles per hour, and briefly drifted left into the median.
He then lurched back and sped out to the shoulder, where the truck flipped over several times.

A huge cloud of dust enveloped the blue vehicle, and the video footage shows a tire flying out.
Moments later, Sanchez’s body also emerges up over the dust.

The officer pulls over and Sanchez shockingly emerges.

He falls to the ground before getting up and staggering away.

Sanchez was eventually arrested, treated for non-threatening injuries, and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

You have GOT to see this to believe it:

The Idaho State Police issued Certificates of Appreciation to two men who helped officers in Sanchez’s capture. All I can say is boy, was this one determined fella to want to get away from the police so badly. He deserves every minute of jail time that he was sentenced to. He could have done a heck of a lot more damage than he did.

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