[VIDEO] Woman Gets Revenge On Prankster Boyfriend By Gluing Him Naked in A Chair with Waxing Strips

[VIDEO] Woman Gets Revenge On Prankster Boyfriend By Gluing Him Naked in A Chair with Waxing Strips

One girlfriend took revenge a bit too far when she decided how to get back at her jokester boyfriend for pretending to out her precious pooch in the wash. (don’t worry, the pup was never in any danger – it was just a joke). She taught him a physically painful lesson- and you just won’t believe your eyes:

VID: Girlfriend Sticks Boyfriends Private Parts To Chair

A prankster who pretended he had put his girlfriend’s dog in a washing machine got a very painful comeuppance after she glued him to a chair- naked.

Dominika Petrinova, from the Czech Republic, was furious after her boyfriend Erik Meldik’s prank, which went viral after he posted it online.

The 27-year-old had burst into tears when she was told her dog Sam had accidentally been put in the wash before Mr. Meldik revealed the ‘joke’ and that her beloved pet was safe and sound.

So Ms. Petrinova had decided to exact her revenge in a painful prank of her own.

She then cruelly promised her boyfriend, who had celebrated his birthday the day before, a special treat.

Ms. Petrinova then led him – naked and blindfolded – into the room and onto the booby-trapped chair.

It takes a few moments for him to realise what happened while Ms. Petrinova was heard laughing in the background.

Panic then flashed across his face as he clicked he was stuck to the chair by his genitals and he asked his giggling girlfriend: ‘Are you kidding me? You are pranking me now?

Mr Meldik, 31, cried and screamed as he tried to free himself, before he eventually ripped himself off the chair, leaving a fair portion of skin and hair behind in the process.

You don’t need captions to understand the level of pain that he is going through.

What a crazy b*tch.

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