Women Posts This SHOCKING Video, Then All Hell Breaks Loose- Told ‘Next Time I’ll Rape You!’ By Trolls

Women Posts This SHOCKING Video, Then All Hell Breaks Loose- Told ‘Next Time I’ll Rape You!’ By Trolls

One woman has found out EXACTLY how disgusting the online trolls can be after she posted a video online showing what happened when she was attacked. The backlash from the trolls is MIND-BOGGLING:

A woman whose knickers were pulled down in the street by a pervert is labelled a ‘whore’ and a ‘Feminazi’ by vile trolls who say next time ‘we will rape you’.

Andrea Noel, a US journalist, posted a CCTV film of the shocking moment a man sneaked up behind her and put his hands under her dress to publicly shame him.

But since the midday attack in Mexico City, 27-year-old Andrea revealed she has been abused by haters who call her a ‘filthy b****’ every 45 SECONDS.

One said: ‘Don’t tempt me anymore, I dropped your skirt you filthy b****, now I’m going to drop you six feet underground.’

‘I hope they rape you dyke,’ wrote another.

One spat: ‘I wish they had raped you, you f***ing blonde b****.’

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Andrea revealed how shocked she is that she expected sympathy – but instead she has been attacked.

Some have chosen to defend her attacker and blamed Andrea for tempting him with her short dress.

Amid the torrent of abuse, one troll told her: ‘F***ing b****, women should be in their houses, looking after their children.

‘If this guy did anything, it’s because you provoked it by wearing a short skirt. It’s your fault, and I hope the next time they rape you so you know your place. B****.’

Another wrote: ‘Watch yourself, because we’re going to rape you for walking around with your arse out in beautiful Mexico, b****.’

Andrea said: ‘It’s been absolutely terrifying, not only because thousands of people have threatened to kill me, but also because the authorities haven’t taken it seriously’,

Andrea, from Los Angeles, was walking in the upmarket Condesa neighbourhood International Women’s Day, when a man ran up from behind and pulled down her knickers.

She was left embarrassed on the street as she grappled to pull them up again.

She reported the incident to police who haven’t found the man. She released the footage on social media to try to find him.

Since then as well as the threats, she has seen men she doesn’t know loitering outside her front door and lasers have been pointed at her head as she sits in her living room.

‘I had a laser beam pointed at my head while I was sitting in my own apartment last night, and the police have still done nothing’, she said. ‘I feel completely vulnerable. I immediately checked into a hotel, I’m terrified even to be in my own house.’

Twice in the last 36 hours Andrea has been ‘doxed’, the act of revealing an internet user’s personal information such as address, phone number and location.

‘I was eating breakfast in a café one morning when I suddenly started receiving Twitter messages showing my exact location’, she told MailOnline.

‘People began sending me pictures of them holding guns and informing me they were coming to kill me,’ she said.
Many of the death threats to Andrea have come accompanied with images, terrifying pictures of gangsters, bullets and the various heavy-duty firearms they say they plan to kill her with.

‘The boss has given the order, and unfortunately you die today. I’m going to put you down like the b**** you are’, wrote one Twitter user, while another captioned a picture of a Mexican gangster toting a sub-machine gun with the phrase ‘I’M COMING FOR YOU’.

Written by Katie McGuire. Send your hate mail to the author at [email protected], or feel free to mean tweet me at @GOPKatie, where I will be sure to do very little about it.


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