YES! Adam Carolla Delivers Powerful Testimony To Congress: Remove ‘Safe Places’ From Colleges! [VIDEO]

YES! Adam Carolla Delivers Powerful Testimony To Congress: Remove ‘Safe Places’ From Colleges! [VIDEO]

Adam Carolla is my favorite podcaster and I’ve listened to hundreds of hours worth of his old radio episodes of Loveline with Dr. Drew. His views now are best described as libertarian and are influenced by his upbringing in North Hollywood with a mother who refused to get a job because she would lose her welfare and food stamps. After finishing high school, he went on to work as a carpenter and a boxing coach until he was paired with Jimmy Kimmel to prepare him for a charity match. He was so funny and bright that he ended up hosting the nationally syndicated Loveline which dealt mostly with teens and young adults struggling with questions about relationships. Since these were the days before Google, having access to Adam’s hard-bitten advice and Dr. Drew’s knowledge of drugs and medicine, he was providing a major service and often used the show to go off on rants about what he felt was ruining these kids’ lives.

In the end, he always settles on family and education as the biggest factors in anyone’s life. It’s not government that’s going to save you or make your life better, it’s a focus on your family and a focus on getting educated that’ll save you.

He recently appeared with conservative icons like Ben Shapiro in front of Congress to talk about college safe spaces and his speech was brilliant. During the larger testimony, he pointed out that he’s the only guy up there who grew up in a blue collar family and he’s the only one who never attended college, so instead he leaned on his experience in presenting the Loveline show to college kids.

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In this video below, in under ten minutes, Carolla tells us that “the adults need to start being adults” and that protecting children in the way that safe spaces “protects” them is as harmful as raising a child without exposing them to germs. Once they hit the real world, they’ll be over in an instant.

At under five minutes, this is absolutely worth the watch.

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