Putin Can’t Stop Laughing When Mistakenly Asked To Export PORK To Muslim Country [VIDEO]

Putin Can’t Stop Laughing When Mistakenly Asked To Export PORK To Muslim Country [VIDEO]

Can it be said that Russian President Vladimir Putin actually has a sense of humor? I mean, between all that oligarchy-ness and the assassinations of Russian journalists as well as opponents to his power, could ol’ Puuty-Puut be a big jolly softy?

Here’s the truth – I don’t care. The man is a commie murderer who has tampered and screwed with America time and time again. So please, forgive me if I don’t fall all over myself with admiration for the guy like the rest of the idiots who plague comment sections all over the Internet.

But that’s the point of this article, ain’t it? The leader of Russia fell into a laughing fit during an agricultural meeting last week. Apparently the Minister of Agriculture made a stupid suggestion that they should export pork meat to Indonesia.

The meeting had Alexander Tkachov giving the suggestion that in order to compete with Germany’s exporting figures, Russia should begin to export pork meat to Indonesia to increase their own figures.

According to the video that was recording, Mr Tkachov began by saying: “They (Germany) send half their pork to export. Look at Germany’s numbers: five and a half million tonnes of pork produced a year, of that almost three million is exported to all countries, to China, to Indonesia, to Japan, Korea, and so on.”

There was a minor detail that the AG Minister forgot to incorporate into his idea and Putin was quick to mock the man’s mistake when he responded with a chuckle: “Indonesia is a Muslim country. They do not eat pork there.”

Mr. Tkachov comes back with a: “They will,” and that is when Putin begins to lose it and laughs with his hands in his face to cover it up, all while responding again: “No, they will not.”

Having realized he may have made a mistake in his wording, the minister later amended his statement to say that he actually meant South Korea and not Indonesia.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with finding this amusing and I should have clarified that. But what I can’t understand is Americans who seem to believe that this changes the reality of who and what this guy is. It must be a monumental leap in compartmentalizing the man, because that is the only way I can see this admiration coming from the right.

Putin is not our friend. Don’t get played, people.

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