Early Voters Have Ballots Mysteriously Changed from Trump to Clinton

Early Voters Have Ballots Mysteriously Changed from Trump to Clinton

Another election and more voter fraud. I see no reason these people would have to fib about this. In Texas, in two instances below, when people voted for Trump, their vote recorded as Clinton. Those were two people who caught it before finishing voting. Imagine how many have not caught this. When the voting volunteers were asked about it, they admitted it had been happening. If that is happening, everything should be stopped and inspected until they find out what the issue is.

I saw way too much of this in Nevada while involved in the process. Only at that time, whole boxes of ballots were being dumped in the desert. Now that things are computerized, it’s even easier to commit fraud. The last election showed us that. In some districts across the country, the voting was more than 100% for Barack Obama which is not possible. So, here we go again.


From Truth Feed:

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It’s what most voters fear when they go in to fill out their ballots.

Early voting for the 2016 election started today (Monday, October 24th). The people of Potter and Randall County are taking this opportunity to skip the long lines that always file out of the voting locations on Election Day.

Two voters from Canyon posted the experience they had while voting. Apparently, when these voters chose the straight Republican option, the ballot selected Clinton/Kaine instead of Trump/Pence.


The SAME STORY has been reported in Dallas. What makes it worse is her comment “They commented that it has been happening.”


I suggest when you go to vote this time, that you take your time and double check everything before finalizing your vote. Don’t be afraid to call someone over if needed. Make a scene if you have to, but do everything you can to make sure your vote is the way you intended.

Voter fraud is not imaginary and it is a real problem and a violation of your rights. It has steadily gotten worse over the years. Yes, we have the freest elections in the world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t those intent on rigging the outcome of elections. The Marxists have put a lot of time, effort and money into making sure they stay in control. Voting machines are now produced by the likes of George Soros’ companies and installing programs that automatically shift votes would not surprise me. Personally, I think we should go back to paper ballots with cameras and multiple monitors on every election. These incidents just make me feel even more strongly that going back is the way to move forward here, especially with foreign entities hacking into election locations.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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