Illegal Alien Voting Is Also Related To The Motor Voter Act

How do you solve it?

(Fox News) As more states begin providing illegal immigrants and their children with driver’s licenses and ID cards, officials are concerned some also are registering to vote — some by mistake, and others on purpose.

The problem came to light recently in North Carolina, which compared its voter rolls against a federal immigration database. The cross-check of 10,000 voters found 1,425 likely non-citizen voters, including 109 illegal immigrants or so-called “Dreamers.” Almost 10 percent registered to vote when getting their driver’s license. But election officials say the problem is nationwide.

“In terms of a check and balance that would prevent an individual who is a non U.S. citizen from registering to vote, that doesn’t exist. There’s absolutely nothing stopping them,” said Neal Kelley, Orange County registrar of voters and chairman of the California Association of Election Officials.

The problem, officials say, dates back to the 1993 federal Motor Voter Act, which requires states to offer residents the ability to register to vote when they obtain a driver’s license or ID card. In some states, the driver’s license and voter registration application are on the same form, and the applicant simply signs. In small print, the form says applicants acknowledge they are U.S. citizens. In other states, voter registration is a separate form and applicants check a box. In either case, once signed, the forms are automatically sent to the county or state registrar of voters, and the name is added to voter rolls.

In most states, they do not check citizenship. Here in North Carolina, those who were given DACA “amnesty” by Mr. Obama receive a license which says “legal presence no lawful status”. But, the requirement to show ID at the polls doesn’t start till 2016. But, will poll workers, meaning Democrats, ignore that they aren’t legally allowed to vote? Other states do not have any terminology to distinguish lawful status.

Here’s another issue that is not mentioned: what about those who do have lawful status, visitors, legal residents, those going through the citizenship process, etc, who obtain DLs but are not legally allowed to vote since they are not actual citizens? The Motor Voter Law makes for an interesting conundrum. If the coming GOP controlled Senate, to go with the GOP controlled House, pass a law requiring citizenship checks at the DMV, Democrats will say this is an “unfunded mandate”, and wastes the time of DMV employees. Even though the original law does exactly the same. Perhaps the GOP controlled states will pass requirements. And, surely the Obama controlled DOJ will immediately sue.

“They’re asked to check a box that they’re a U.S. citizen, but that’s not good enough,” said Kris Kobach, Kansas secretary of state. “We have so many aliens on our voter rolls who check that box — either because they’re trying to break the law or because they didn’t know exactly what they were doing.”

I’m sure many really do not know what they are doing when they fill out the voter registration form. Many probably think they are supposed to do it, because they are given the form. Many probably can’t even read it.

The ACLU claims the federal immigration database isn’t perfect and could disenfranchise voters.

And the ACLU really offers no ideas to fix this other than “stop checking”, which means legal US citizens have their votes essentially disenfranchised as they are offset by those of the illegals. One would think the ACLU would care about this. In fact, they’re pretty much dead set against voter ID.

Under the National Voter Registration Act, states are required to remove from their registration lists ineligible voters. But U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to enforce the statute. Not a single such lawsuit has been filed since the beginning of the Obama administration, according to author John Fund.

“This is such a huge problem,” Kobach said. “And once the aliens get on the voter rolls, solutions don’t solve the problem. If you want to work with the federal government, they’re going to make you jump through a whole bunch of hoops.”

Democrats, who caterwaul and shriek when they lose elections (they still whine about Election 2000) about voter fraud, are dead set against any requirements that make sure that people who are not legally allowed to vote are stopped from doing so. Makes you wonder why.

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