Supreme Court Crushes Liberal Agenda With Blunt Ruling on Voter Fraud

Supreme Court Crushes Liberal Agenda With Blunt Ruling on Voter Fraud

This is good news from the Supreme Court for a change. They have quashed Ohio’s ‘Golden Week’ voting procedures, where people could register and vote in the same week. This practice allowed for massive voter fraud… people were bused in and only had to be there that week to register and vote. Many gamed the last election using these techniques.

The Appeals Court has reversed a May ruling by a US district judge who blocked the law ending Golden Week and found that it violated voters’ rights. The Supreme Court let that ruling stand. The Supreme Court did not note ANY dissenting votes.

Supreme Court

From NewsMax:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to reinstate for the Nov. 8 general election Ohio’s “Golden Week” voting procedures, when people could register and cast ballots in the same week, that had been abolished by a Republican-backed law.

Rejecting a request by Ohio Democrats, the high court let stand an August ruling by the Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that upheld the 2014 law that imposed new restrictions on when people could register to vote and cast ballots.

The law was one of numerous passed in recent years in Republican-governed states that Democrats and civil rights activists have said were intended to make it more difficult for voters including African-Americans, Hispanics and others who tend to back Democratic candidates to cast ballots.

Republicans in Ohio did away with Golden Week and shortened early voting to 29 days from 35 days, which critics said directly limited opportunities for minority voters to participate in elections. Ohio is almost always one of the linchpin states when it comes to election time. So this ruling is pivotal. Other state laws have required specific forms of photo identification to cast ballots, cut early voting periods and made it more difficult to restore voting rights to people with past criminal convictions. All of that is valid and should be implemented to prevent voter fraud.

Democrats took advantage of long lines at polling locations in 2004 as an excuse to come up with Golden Week procedures. That has nothing to do with these conservative laws being put into place. Long lines are because you are understaffed and ill-prepared. But to Democrats, any emergency will do and that one fit nicely.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court has made the right call here to ensure the voting in that state is as fair and legitimate as possible. The Dems are saying this discriminates against black voters. No it doesn’t… it applies to everyone. What they are upset about is that illegal immigrants, foreign migrants, criminals and ringers won’t be allowed to vote.


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