Swing The Vote: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Grants Voting Rights to 60,000 Felons

Swing The Vote: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Grants Voting Rights to 60,000 Felons

WTH?! Man, this day just keeps getting better and better… not. Virginia Gov. and supreme asshat, Terry McAuliffe, has just granted voting rights to as many as 60,000 felons in his state. That’s five times what he reported he was going to do. It’s more than enough to swing Virginia for Hillary Clinton. It’s corrupt as hell and he’s getting away with it. He wanted all 200,000 felons in the state to be able to vote, but the courts shot that down. They said each criminal’s case had to be reviewed before allowing them to vote. So what’s a corrupt governor to do? Well, he used a mechanical autopen to sign thousands of letters, acting as if he reviewed each case. He only had time to sign 60,000 of them before the deadline or he would have signed all of them.

Virginia is another key state in this election and McAuliffe was determined to deliver it by hook or crook to his old bud Hillary Clinton. He’s pretty much done it too… all it needs is a bow. Who do you think felons will vote for? They’ll vote for those who support them the most. Leftist Democrats… they’ll vote overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton.


From The Daily Caller:

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Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has granted voting rights to as many as 60,000 convicted felons just in time for them to register to vote, nearly five times more than previously reported and enough to win the state for his long-time friend, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

McAuliffe sought to allow all of Virginia’s estimated 200,000 felons to vote, but state courts said each individual felon’s circumstances must be weighed. To get around that, McAuliffe used a mechanical autopen to rapidly sign thousands of letters, as if he had personally reviewed them, even as his office was saying the total was 13,000.

Now, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned that McAuliffe — who managed Clinton’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign — churned out five times as many letters before the registration deadline than publicly claimed.

Virginia’s recent political history has seen multiple races that were decided by tiny margins. The 2014 U.S. Senate race, for example, was decided by only 17,000 votes, while the attorney general’s race came down to a mere 165 votes.

McAuliffe ran Clinton’s 2008 campaign. He is a close friend of Hillary and former President Bill Clinton, even personally guaranteeing a loan for the purchase of their Chappaqua, New York, mansion in 1999. He also served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee where he was a successful fundraiser. He’s one of the most corrupt, dirty politicians out there. Why Virginia elected this scum is beyond me.

And it’s no coincidence this is happening at the same time that Comey of the FBI just allowed Clinton to skate once more on her email scandal. McAuliffe did a major favor for the wife of a senior FBI executive who was running for a Virginia legislative seat at the same time the bureau was investigating Clinton’s use of private email addresses and a home-brew server to conduct the official diplomatic business of the US. She was in third place in the running and I believe he got her campaign $500,000. Dirty doesn’t cover it here.

Virginia officials were shocked and surprised that McAuliffe did this, but they shouldn’t be. He kept them in the dark, but they must have known he would pull something like this. Registrars and state legislators told TheDCNF they had no idea, and even officers of the state Board of Elections were clueless to this about to happen. A lot of people are going to be very ticked over this… inside and outside of Virginia.

When TheDCNF pointed out that 60,000 could tip an election, Clara Belle Wheeler, vice-chairman of the Virginia Board of Elections and a Republican, said “I am acutely and chronically aware of that.” She also noted that McAuliffe has explicitly asked felons to vote for Clinton. The courts may rule against McAuliffe on this, but it will be too late. Virginia, are you going to stand for this? #Rigged.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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