Congress Bans Gitmo Detainee Transfers

Remember when the first thing Obama did as president was play golf sign an executive statement calling for the closing of Guantanamo Bay jihadi detention center, then want to hold civilian trials for most jihadis, including near Ground Zero? Remember how Democrat lawmakers hailed this? How’s that working out?

Congress on Wednesday passed legislation that would effectively bar the transfer of Guantanamo detainees to the U.S. for trial, rejecting pleas from Obama administration officials who called the move unwise.

A defense authorization bill passed by the House and Senate included the language on the offshore prison, which President Barack Obama tried unsuccessfully to close in his first year in office.

Well, he didn’t actually try very hard, because things got in the way, like golf, parties, fundraisers, and, let’s face it, a lack of knowledge of how to be a leader.

The measure for fiscal year 2011 blocks the Department of Defense from using any money to move Guantanamo prisoners to the U.S. for any reason. It also says the Pentagon can’t spend money on any U.S. facility aimed at housing detainees moved from Guantanamo, in a slap at the administration’s study of building such a facility in Illinois.

Obviously, this must be the Republicans fault, since they control Congress… They don’t? Interesting.

At a news conference Wednesday, the president expressed renewed desire to close Guantanamo, saying it has “become a symbol” and a recruiting tool for “al Qaeda and jihadists.” “That’s what closing Guantanamo is about,” he said, adding: “I think we can do just as good of a job housing [detainees] somewhere else.”

Uh huh. It’s campaign style talking points like that that highlight that Obama has learned virtually nothing during his almost two years as POTUS. He actually said that Gitmo was “probably the No. 1 recruitment tool for terrorist propaganda.” How often do we hear about Gitmo from jihadi propaganda? Virtually never. They’ve actually taken up one of the Left’s favorite religions, globull warming, and blame the USA.

Anyhow, obviously the Left is livid about this. Talk Left goes on a conspiracy theory rant about moving the jihadis to secret prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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