Did Bush Offer to Take 100,000 Palestinians Into the USA?

Israel’s Haaretz news agency recently reported that on Sept. 19 former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that President George W. Bush promised to take in 100,000 Palestinian refugees, giving them automatic American citizenship in exchange for a mid east peace deal.

Former prime minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday that the Bush administration had assured him that the United States would be willing to absorb some 100,000 Palestinian refugees immediately as American citizens, should Israel reach a permanent settlement with the Palestinian Authority.

Imagine that. If Olmert can be believed the one president that built his reputation on being a fighter of terrorism was willing to let 100,000 Palestinians into the U.S. Worse, Bush was willing to push them ahead of people that had been waiting years for the privilege of becoming American citizens and make these 100,000 Palestinians instant American citizens!

Remember that the PLA is little else but a terrorist agency writ large. It is responsible for many thousands of deaths and has waged a permanent war against the west. It has repeatedly said that the genocide of all Jews is its most closely held wish. And Bush was going to let 100,000 of these people into the heartland to spread their jihad upon us?

I find this a ghastly prospect and am glad that his quest for “peace” — a false one based on the terms of the murderous PLA — was a failed venture.

A real peace can only happen if the supposed Palestinians renounce genocide and come to the negotiating table with honest motives. Thus far this has never happened.

Former Bush Nat’l Sec. Council Member Abrams Denies Claim**

(3PM, 09/21/10)

Today, after news yesterday that Ehud Olmert claimed that President George W. Bush promised to take in 100,000 Palestinian refugees as U.S. citizens, former Bush National Security Council member Elliot Abrams denies that such a promise was ever made.

Abrams, who was deputy national security adviser for global democracy strategy and held the Middle East portfolio on the National Security Council, said Bush administration officials did believe that if a peace deal was reached with the Palestinians, there would need to be actions by many countries to address the refugee issue, both financially and by offering to take some refugees… But he said there was no commitment to take 100,000.

Olmert still claims, however, that his earlier assertion was correct. “Promises were indeed made on this issue by very senior Bush administration officials who were involved in the details of the negotiations with the Palestinians,” Olmert’s office said in a release to the press.

So we are at an he-said/he-said point in this one, for sure.

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