EPIC! Dana Loesch Mocks Insane State Dept’s #JobsForISIS Plan by Promoting a ‘Jihadi Job Fair’ (VIDEO)

The notion that you can control and tame ISIS simply by giving them jobs is classic Marxism and it’s insane. Let’s see… what would they be qualified for? Maybe a butcher, but who really trusts these murderous demons with something sharp? Maybe demolition experts, or they could find landmines the hard way. Any job should be a one time deal and preferably end in pieces parts, if you know what I mean. Dana Loesch is brilliant here – even Progressives suck at Jihadi Job Fairs. For Islamo-fascists who choose cake or death… death always wins.

From Gateway Pundit:

The Obama White House wants to kill the jihadis with kindness.

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The jihadis just want to kill.

Dana Loesch put together this “Jobs for Jihadis” segment in response to State Department spokesperson Marie Harf’s insistence that offering jobs to ISIS will solve the mass killings in the Middle East.


Country singer John Rich has another excellent idea on Jobs-for-ISIS:

My friend Brent Parrish at The Right Planet has a great post up: More Hipster Harf: ‘We Can’t Stop ISIS by Killing Them; We Need to Give Them Jobs’. Hey Harf… yes, we can win the war by killing them. If you would just let our military do so. Parrish is right – the State Department needs a political enema. They are a deadly mixture of Marxism/Communism and insanity.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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